Watching Las Vegas sports is a spectacular experience because of the city's wonderful arenas. Join us as we count down the four best sports arenas in Las Vegas based on reviews.

#3 Michelob Ultra Arena: Home of the Las Vegas Aces

#3 Michelob Ultra Arena: Home of the Las Vegas Aces

Owned by MGM Resorts, the Michelob Ultra Arena inside Mandalay Bay is a 12,000-seat arena and the official sports venue of the Las Vegas Aces.  This team has so much going for them, and their arena is one of them.

Why is the Michelob Ultra Arena in third place? Basically, it comes down to a relatively low number of reviews. The arena only has around 800 comments. One review, which we can't verify, claims that the stadium doesn't cater to the disabled enough. Others argue that the seats are too small and uncomfortable.

Many other people tout positive experiences, though. They say this Las Vegas sports venue is beautiful and lauded the amenities that it offers. This one seems like a mixed bag of sorts, but try to go into it with an open mind before you assume the worst.

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