Stripped-down version to continue at Larry Flynt's HUSTLER CLUB, most likely being shopped to other locations.

In a bit of news that will break the hearts of lonely convention attendees, award-winning SEXXY topless revue is being shown the door at Westgate Hotel Casino. Our sources tell us that the decision was made earlier in the week and the cast was informed by star/director/producer/choreographer Jennifer Romas after Saturday's performance. The final striptease will take place this evening at 10 pm. A visit to the Ticketmaster website confirms that all subsequent dates have been canceled. A formal announcement is undoubtedly being prepared. 

SEXXY is one of several shows that were late to the gate when live entertainment returned this year. While topless revues like X Burlesque and FANTASY had already been back for months, SEXXY delayed their reopening at Westgate until late August. In the interim, the show played customized versions at Larry Flynt's HUSTLER CLUB (SEXXY After Dark), Fresh Wata Dreamland Drive-in (now known as StarBase), and various other locations. 

After returning, SEXXY was shut down for a brief period amidst rumors that at least one cast member had defied Westgate's COVID-19 protocols by falsifying proof of vaccination. While this rumor cannot be substantiated, it would help to explain a second (and now permanent) closure of the show since Westgate is playing hardball with its measures to protect guests. The hotel casino went on record this week with the announcement that beginning October 15th, all non-union employees would be required to be fully vaccinated. Team members were given five weeks to comply. 

Jennifer Romas created SEXXY especially for Westgate at the personal request of owner David Siegel. The production has logged more than 1,000 performances over five-plus years and has featured vocalists Gabriella Versace (recently added to Jonny Bird's RISE OF THE PHOENIX), Anne Martinez, Rockie Brown, and most recently, Hannah Brady (featured in this Vegas 411 profile). This year, muscular male entertainer Rico Bozant was added to the all-female cast. Bozant happens to be Romas' main squeeze.

Romas and Bozant took SEXXY on the road this summer

Romas and Bozant took SEXXY on the road this summer

Expect the ever-resilient Romas to shop SEXXY around to other venues after this evening's final show. SEXXY After Dark will continue at Larry Flynt's HUSTLER CLUB Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 9:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased here

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